OUR Services

In order to achieve our mission we support direct services in the following areas:

Mental Health

  • Ensuring access to mental health care
  • Empowering people suffering from mental illnesses and their families
  • Promoting the psychosocial wellbeing of vulnerable groups


Gender Based Violence Mitigation/ Prevention

Promote women’s rights in conflict-affected areas by supporting victims and cooperating with local partner organisations.

– Promote research and advocacy work at the national, regional and global level.

-Gender-based violence prevention, equal participation, and economic empowerment of women, peace and security.

– Provision of medical and legal assistance to all victims of GBV, and Torture.

Agribusiness (Agriculture & Self-Help Microfinance)

Support and promote agriculture as business as an operative model for achieving sustainable development

-Increase the economic and financial dividends of sustainable agro-entrepreneurship

-To leverage and promote “Self-help microfinance” as a sustainable, self-funding pathway to agribusiness capitalization in rural communities.

– To build the capacity of rural farmers and ultimately, rural agribusiness.

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