Our Mission

We seek to rally and engage communities, social groups, faith-based institutions, and individuals to work for the wellbeing of vulnerable and underprivileged persons in their communities


Our Vision

Our vision is to lead civil society and communities in Cameroon to a conscious culture of actively and systematically caring for the vulnerable and underprivileged across the entire country.

About us

FOMCAM Community and Mental Health Organization is legally registered as a not-for-profit humanitarian initiative in Cameroon with Reg. No. 34/C72/AR/NW06/2022/A2/SP in 2022 as a non-profit mental health organization based in Bamenda, with satellite offices in Mbengwi, Kimbi village, in response to concerns raised by the risky behaviours of orphan vulnerable children, teen moms, widows, and the internally displaced persons being those re-settlers suffering from the effects of crisis, arm conflict, and natural disasters like the lake Nyos Disaster Wum where victims were resettled in Kimbi Village and  abandoned by their relatives; with little or no support. Their frustration moving into the cities with the hope of being gainfully employed, earn a better life, education and personal development, compounded by the high rate of poverty in the cities, puts the vulnerable persons remain unsafe needing safe space/environments and care. The absence of a safe space allows for preys to plow on them with impunity thereby increasing their vulnerability and mental health problems/illnesses.


Burdened by the challenges of our beneficiaries FOMCAM is promoting activities that facilitate the mental health and well-being of victims of rape, torture, child trafficking, gender based violence, as change-makers. We champion the course of supporting activities that creates awareness in the field of mental health, protection, education, livelihood, maternal health, sexual reproductive health, nutrition for malnourished children, self-help initiatives outreach, and agriculture at the grassroots communities.


We are convinced our approach will help to reduce the number of persons that will become delinquent, school runner-ways (drop outs), drug addicts or harden criminals, choosing the easy way as cheap commercial sex workers for survival, exploitation as housekeepers, nannies or sales girls/boys since they do not know their rights or are frustrated/helpless.


All our actions stem from the belief that primary needs are not only material. Addressing persons’ intangible needs is indeed also essential to their well-being and dignity.


Our Team


Founder & Director FOMCAM. He is an innovative, experienced, and achievement oriented Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Counselor working with both International, and Community based organizations in Cameroon. He has an extensive field experience responding to humanitarian crises in the hard to reach areas in the North West Region of Cameroon. He is motivational speaker and an advocate with a soft heart for the mental health and spiritual wellness of the vulnerable persons. He is an experienced case manager, social worker, GBV Case manager, and experienced protection officer for the children. He is a change-maker, educator, event speaker, community mobilizer who regularly seeks after the wellness of all who are in need of health, economic resources, mental health care and prevention, and peace with self and community. He founded FOMCAM Community & Mental Health Organization as a means to identify, research to solve the unmet needs of those with mental health illnesses, and helping them with a source of livelihood, maternal health which are the rout causes of their mental health problems. He is a PhD Fellow in Clinical Counseling and holds an MSc. Degree in Clinical Counseling from the University of Bamenda; a BA in Christian Education in Cameroon Baptist Seminary Kumba, Graduate Certificate in Social Works in CECPES, and an International Certificate in Peace Building and Conflict Transformation from the PCC National Peace Academy/Office. Serving humanity in the hard to reach areas as a means to give dignity to the vulnerable and the underprivileged is his passion. His latest product and project is an operational "Counseling Clinic in the community of Mulang, Mankon serving the entire region and patients coming every part of Cameroon.

Fola Juliet Ndi Epse Che Anye

PROGRAM MANAGER, MENTAL HEALTH & PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT. I graduated from the University with a BSc Degree in Anthropology and DIPCO II in Guidance Counseling. I have worked as a professional and experience Guidance counsellor for 6years, and a mental health counsellor and supervisor of Mental Health Psycho-social activities in the humanitarian settings for 4 and more years. I joined FOMCAM in 2022 in a managerial position in order to foster their vision of mental health awareness for all who need it. It's been wonderful working with the team and Leadership of FOMCAM.

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