The process all started with a call for briefing of the entire process of the 2015 national campaign for mass distribution of treated mosquito bed nets in Cameroon by the CEO of COHESODEC in his office at NWCA building Bamenda. This was closely followed by the photocopy of documents relating to this project at Skynet Bamenda.

The second phase was training of office staff on how to carry out the campaign as well as filling of the forms in the field. The actual field work started on the 13th July, 2015 with director and staff moving out to the field for close supervision.

The second phase was on Monday 20th July 2015.

Mulang has a today of five streets and four out of the five streets were covered during this campaign. The following statistics were obtained.

Total No. of homes visited (street 1 – 4) = 48
Journal taken for homes visited: = 20
People not willing to listen to campaign message = 04
People claiming to be busy having no time to talk = 01
Disgruntled persons (families) = 03
People expressing fear to talk to staff = 01


  • 25% of house hold visited were of the opinion that daily they are being disturbed by person in the name of projects and at the end they don’t see anything. They don’t believe in anybody again, a reason they saw no need giving any statistics or talking to staff.
  • 15% asked if the nets will ever come, or it’s just a formality again to deceive them.
  • 5% expressed fear that they will never see anything. They believe that the institutions distributing the nets use it for personal gains and the nets do not reach their final destinations.
  • 55% of the families were happy that they have received the mosquito nets and it has been of much help to their families.  
    What are some of the common illnesses that have been a problem to your family?
    Almost 82% of the respondence mentioned malaria fever as the illness that has been a problem to their family. They also say it has really affected their family income as the children are constantly in the hospital for consultation. Some women mentioned that they lost their babies due to malaria in pregnancy.

How helpful has been the mosquito nets to your family.
97% of the respondents testify that the mosquito nets have greatly reduced the number of malaria attacks on their children and parents as well. Some families testify that for over a year that they received the mosquito nets, their children have not been sick of malaria. They however regret that their household has grown bigger and the nets are insufficient. Parents surrender their nets to the children while living at the mercy of mosquito bites.

How do you use the mosquito nets?
100% express that they mount it on the bed to prevent mosquitos affecting the children as well as they the parents.

Any information to the government through this project of free mosquito nets
The families express thanks but decry the fact that not all members in the community have the nets as some families where opportune to have.

The exercise was successful and I wish to observe that if effective monitoring is done to ensure that on the last phase of this project if all household of the communities are fully covered and diligence is put in place that all members receive the nets, it will go a long way to achieve the purpose of the malaria free Cameroon and good health for its citizens.

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